Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More (Techni)Color in the Cottage

Turquoise is ...
The deep hue beneath the shimmer of the sea
The cool, marbled stones in my Navajo necklace
The steaming pool among Yellowstone's crusted earth
His eyes when the sunlight hits them just so
The piercing brilliance in the stained glass window …
My most favorite color of all

This will be something of a "drive-by" post, as time is very limited at the moment ... I was off work yesterday and completely out of commission since Sunday, as I seem to have succumbed to the flu-like bug that's been making the rounds. Now I'm back at work and desperately trying to catch up, but I still wanted to share the recent transformation of our little old dining room. I'd been thinking of taking the room from the deep, avocado hues of Laura Ashley's Olive #6 to a turquoise shade, ever since our trip to Puerto Vallarta last summer, when we stayed in a condo with that most gorgeous of colors on its bedroom walls. A couple of weekends ago, I took the plunge on a whim, and the dining room is now a brilliant Benjamin Moore shade called Venezuelan Sea. I love it.

Dining room before -- not bad, just a bit drab:

And after ...

I really like the way the turquoise plays off the La Fonda Ortiz Gold in the living room ...

For more turquoise inspiration, be sure to check out the beautiful blog, "House of Turquoise" - http://www.houseofturquoise.com


  1. Holy cow, I love this!!! The Venezuelan Sea is just perfect in your home, just stunning with all your other colors! So glad you shared this transformation with us!

    Thanks for spreading the turquoise-link love too! :)

  2. I love, love, love it. My office is a terra cotta and I have some turquoise accents in my decor. I love the combination. Both of those colors really are a great backdrop for artwork. I think turquoise goes with almost everything.

  3. It's GORGEOUS man! I agree with you, I think the gold and turquoise play beautifully off each other! Inspires me to put a splash of color on some more walls! My DECOR is colorful, but the walls are just blah! I think it was well worth the effort!

  4. do i need to tell you again that it looks simply FANTASTIC!!!! how's the arm ;-)

  5. wow, that really does look fabulous, Jen. Such a nice improvement. I wish I could come see your house in person. I love bright colors.

  6. The colors remind me so much of Mexico...Love them!!

  7. Oooo! Love that blue. Your house looks like a little hacienda. So cute! xxoo

  8. What great colors! They really sing together! Jen

  9. Oh me like! It makes your artwork really stand out .. great pic!


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