Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adobe & Lace

I love the juxtaposition of old adobe walls with delicate lace at the windows. The warm clay radiates solidity, both contrasting with and complementing the filmy, ethereal beauty of the lace. Earthiness and refinement -- incongruent, yet equally worked by human hands.

The tranquil domestic depiction above is at Acoma, one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in the United States. It was built atop a 367-foot sandstone mesa in New Mexico, and is often referred to by a name which needs no explanation -- "Sky City." Walking along the dusty streets of this pueblo, where many live without electricity or running water, it is indeed curious and touching to glance up from one's grimy boots and spy the graceful drape of gossamer lace at the rough-hewn windows. It speaks clearly of one's need to create loveliness in even the most seemingly desolate of places. I remember the "lace at Sky City" well, and in some ways, consider it a metaphoric reminder to be always seeking to impart sweetness to the mundane.


Adobe and lace ... Yin and yang ... Rough and soft ... Common and exquisite ...


  1. Did you take those photos, Jen? They are so lovely.

  2. No ... I "borrowed" them. ;-)

  3. beautiful thoughts and photos, and a good reminder, too.

  4. oh man! i love the pictures and you are right! the combination does evoke a certain loveliness :) to me it feels old world, nostalgic.. so many stories to tell, so many past adventures :)) ... just to sink into that sort of fantasy and romantisicm (if there is such a word!) makes me swoon...

  5. Great post!! I had to laugh, because all my windows have lace curtains :)


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