Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas ...

While it's highly unlikely to happen where I live, I still love the idea of a Christmas snowfall. With Texas being Texas, we could just as easily have unseasonably warm temperatures that would compel us to shed our winter coats in exchange for lightweight t-shirts. There is something so very magical about snow at Christmas, though.

A few years ago, my family and I spent the holiday in a lovely cabin in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Snow heavily blanketed the ground and sat like a thick vanilla icing on rooftops, weighing heavily on pine boughs. With each foray into the outdoors, our cheeks reddened and our noses ran, and while the fresh air was scented with frosted evergreen, it was pure pleasure to return to the cabin and warm ourselves toasty by the huge stacked-stone fireplace.

I remember one Christmas Eve when it snowed at my grandparents' Texas lake house when I was about 11 years old. Someone looked up from the Scrabble board, or tore themselves away momentarily from the spread of goodies that Grannie had spent days baking, and glanced out the window to first notice that flakes had begun softly falling. We bundled up in our coats, hats, and gloves and stepped out onto the wide front porch to marvel at the fat flurries. I remember the feeling of complete enchantment as we gawked at the heavens showering us with those exquisite white fluffs. And always, always, I will feel and remember the warmth indoors reflected by the fireplace (and the central heat!), the lights twinkling happily on the tree, but most of all, the love and laughter of my family. The closeness of just being together in that place at that time. I really could not imagine having had better childhood Christmases, and I realize how truly blessed I have been.

The photo in this post is, of course, Technicolor Cottage in the snow. I wish I could say that it was indeed taken at Christmas, but it was actually snapped by a neighbor on a rare February snow day a few years ago. I did have the foresight to use this picture on our Christmas cards the following year, though. And although it so very rarely happens, it does give my heart a thrill to see my little house ... in the snow.


  1. Honey -- This misplaced Canuck does NOT miss snow -- and I only wish to see ice when cubes are nestling in my drinkie .....

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  2. OMG, OMG....guess WHAT!!! I'm here in Houston and there are flakes being spotted North and Northwest of the CITY!!!! Everybody's FREAKING out! It won't stick since it was almost 80 degrees yesterday and the weatherman had to explain to us South Texans all about sticking, ground being too warm, etc...either way...we are MORE THAN EXCITED. Sorry to be such a goober but this doesn't happen very often. We are having an EARLY WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!

  3. May you have a snowy white Christmas.


  4. Well I am pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas up here ... great pic!

  5. I think the cottage looks good on your card. So nice of your neighbor to take the picture for you. Make me want snow even more now. Our weather today was warm and rainy. Thanks for giving me at least a 'glimpse' of snow. xxoo

  6. oh, i love sweet memories like that :) and i wished it snowed here as well. i've only ever seen snow once in my life :)

  7. I remember that card - I think that's the first glimpse I ever had of the Technicolor Cottage - I LOVE that picture! I'm with Susan S. - it's always exciting to get snow here, even when MOST of the time it DOESN'T stick!


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