Saturday, October 25, 2008

Around The House, Part I

Oh, how I love the weekend! I tucked into bed early last night with a new book I've just started, "The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets" by Eva Rice. Mom and I both devour good reads, and this is one of the latest that she's loaned me. My Grannie was a librarian in her younger years, and I spent countless hours as a child surrounded by shelves and stacks of books at the Hurst Public Library, where she worked. I still love visiting the library -- it's a little like a treasure hunt each time I go.

As always, the cats woke me earlier than I would've liked today, but it was nice to rise in a chilly house, slip into a warm bathrobe, and pad into the kitchen to start the kettle for morning tea. And yes, I switched on the heat in the house as well. The thermostat will probably be turned back to cool before the day is out -- it's that time of year when the seasons can't quite make up their minds as to which of them gets to be boss. Ah well, I can still tell it's going to be a gorgeous day. The sun is peeking through the windows, stirring our little family to greet it (check out those eyes!).

I'd like go and vote today. I'd also like to visit an antique mall and perhaps a thrift shop or two, as I'm searching for a small chairside table to go in our bedroom sitting area. And as always, I'll savor spending time at home -- surrounded by chaotic color and cats!

These are the cool earring and bracelet holders that I recently got from an Etsy seller. Finally! I'm organized!

I love this little couple!

Here's another handsome pair --

There's a (Tatouage) chicken in the hallway!

Just more color ...

Finally, I mentioned Mom earlier, which reminded me of the photo that Dad sent me yesterday, of my brother and Mom with brother's new car. I just wanted to share what a beautiful lady my Mom is. She just turned 69 years old, and look at her! She's amazing!


  1. oh my! you have lovely things in your home! I love the design behind the earring holder... so retro! I see that you're a crystal lover as well :)))) the cupboard you have holding your pots... omg! gorgeous! and a red mixing bowl *squeal!* tho i dun cook (i'm rubbish at it) i use to bake...and that mixing bowl is really cool! your mom looks awesome at her age :)))))

  2. Hey Jen. What a wonderful blog you are creating. Just love to see all the pictures you are sharing and keep checking to see when you write more about yourself. You have inspired me and who knows what might happen next. Keep on blogging.

  3. You bring your readers into the cottage and give them the perfect weekend. Who doesn't know the comfortable feeling of cozying up under the covers with a good book... the warmth of putting on a robe and sipping hot tea to take off the morning chill.. and looking forward to the day browsing antique shops? And as you sit and sip your tea, your eyes glance around at lovely things in your home, and you've let us see what surrounds you, and feel the warmth, and delight in the day ahead.

    Your mom is lovely. :)

  4. So nice to "meet" you! I love, love, love your chaotic color!

  5. I loved this--from the cats to the stacked dishes to the little porcelain couple to the chicken. Beautiful! My husband will want a chicken on the wall after he sees this! I do, too! We have two chicken coops and farm eggs galore. What a gorgeous idea!

  6. Wow! I'm so thrilled to know that someone is actually reading this! :-) Thank you all SO much for your kind words! You guys inspire ME!

  7. I love your kitchen! This blogging is fun, isn't it!


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