Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No, I'm NOT a "morning person"!

OK, seriously -- how is it even humanly possible to "rise and shine"? How can one truly be all chipper and cheery in the morning? Believe me, I've tried. No, honestly -- I've worked at it, yet I still find myself grumbling and grousing in the heart of who I really am. Oh sure, outwardly I project at least some small semblance of a happily adjusted, smiling sweetheart as I'm going through the morning motions, but I wonder ... am I fooling anyone?

When my brother Zack was small -- maybe 2 or 3 -- he'd wake in the morning or from his afternoon nap, and if you dared even glance in his direction, he'd pull the thumb he'd been sucking from his snarled lips and hiss, "Don't look at me!" My sentiments exactly.

My brother's youngest. It must be genetic ...

I guess I've just never been a morning person, and will likely never be. I do manage to rise before the alarm sounds most days, but it's a gradual kind of groggy awakening that (I kid you not) often stays with me until well after lunch. Just a vague out-of-sorts feeling, where all I want to do is crawl back beneath my nice warm quilt and not have to face the world. My morning commute, a mere 3.9 miles, is by no means grueling. But maneuvering through crazy downtown traffic, dodging (my fellow) nasty drivers does not provide a gentle immersion into one's day. Too, once I'm in the office it's difficult to muster much enthusiasm for the repetitive work that I find myself doing on a daily basis. And -- aaack! -- Horror of horrors, people are talking to me, attempting to engage me in conversation! Nooooo! Make them stop! In times like this, I must continually, repeatedly remind myself of my blessings ... and really, they are plentiful -- but perhaps having them tattooed prominently on the back of my hands is in order, so I'll always be mindful of how full and sweet my life actually is. (Just kidding about the tat, Mom. Maybe.)

I've already told you I love the weekends. Now you know why. There's something so wonderfully comforting about opening my bleary eyes in the morning, and not having to face the grind. I might actually be a slightly more pleasant person if I could just stay at home, instead of having to venture out into the world every day. Especially with a nice pot of tea to warm me, a piping fresh homemade muffin to feast on, and nothing but glorious free time on the agenda. Ahhhhhh, sounds like bliss!

"Nooooooooo ... Don't LOOK at me!"

::sigh:: So now you know of this early-in-the-day temperament of mine -- Petulant, cantankerous, most disagreeable. "I really want to bite your head off; sadly, I must refrain". Beneath the sweet smile lurks a morning monster. Consider yourself warned. ;-)


  1. Depends on the day here -- and what kind of night I've had! If I manage to outwit the peri-menopausal systom of "restless sleep" AND my DH's freight-train snoring -- then I might be pleasant ...... if not ...... well .... just compare to me to a cranky old dragon! LOL! Funny thing is -- on good days -- I LOVE being up very very early and drinking tea, munching on toast and watching the daylight creep over to the wake the sleepy cats ......

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  2. Jan, I COMPLETELY relate to the perimenopausal woes that cause us to lose precious sleep. AND the snoring husband. I've taken to sleeping on the sofa lately, as his allergies are making his nocturnal nasal rumblings about 10 times worse than they usually are -- and they're usually BAD.

    It is funny, as you say, that on the weekends I don't MIND waking up early. I think it all has to do with being able to take my TIME about coming to life, and not being forced to BE somewhere on time.

    Oh, and Jan - I DO wish you'd start blogging! I love to read what you write.

  3. OMG - it apparently is an epidemic - we're ALL suffering from the perimenopausal syndrome and the freight trains sleeping like babies next to us - sometimes I just wanna put a pillow over his head! I e-mail people at all hours of the night and I'm starting to wonder if they thing something is WRONG with me! But I can't frickin' SLEEP when I wake up with my hair stuck to the back of my neck and feel like I peed on myself, and yes - the pictures on the walls and the bedpost are rattling!

  4. Whatever your scribed, I just enjoy reading them. Some words need looking up though.


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