Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lazy Sunday ...

"Let's have a lazy day," said Rocky, first thing this morning. Well, it doesn't take any more than that to convince me to lounge around in my jammies and do absolutely nothing of value all day long. Actually, I'll take that back. The older I get, the more I find intrinsic value in simply being. We're all so attuned to doing and accomplishing, that I think sometimes it's just such a pleasure to merely exist in the moment, doing absolutely nothing in the process. I intend to keep having as many of these days as I'm allowed.

I'm not too elitist to admit that our lazy days involve watching lots of television, and I particularly enjoy the old classic flicks. Oddly enough, while I'm a fiend for color, I actually think the movies were better in black and white. Today I watched an old Cary Grant movie, and since Halloween is fast approaching, I once again enjoyed "The Birds" -- gotta get into that creeped-out frame of mind! I also was mesmerized by a documentary on people who collect vintage snapshots, as I too love old photos and have several displayed in my home -- photos of people I do not know, but their faces move me.

Here's a lovely vintage photo of a Mexican woman (that I foolishly let get away from me on eBay!) ...

Lazy days are often spent upstairs in our bedroom. It was converted from attic space in 1948, to become the bedroom for the teenage boy who lived in this house at the time. I still correspond occasionally with his sister (whom I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting right before we bought this place), and she recently told me that on hot summer nights when the air stood suffocatingly still downstairs, her entire family of five would sleep upstairs in brother's bedroom, beneath the window unit air conditioner. Other than those rare occasions, she and her sister were not "allowed" in big brother's room without his express permission, which he seldom gave.

The bedroom retains its original knotty-pine paneling, and being in the space is like being enveloped in a warm, cozy embrace. This room is a special place -- I love it here.

This little corner shelf belonged to my great-grandmother.

And speaking of old photos, I love this one of Rocky. I believe this was his kindergarten picture. Click it to enlarge, and you can see that the little guy was obviously most displeased about having it made!

Long Live Laziness!


  1. oh i long to have one of those writing tables you've got there :) unfortunately where i live... you can't really get tables like these. and even if there were, they would be really pricey and not as beautifully crafted... nice cosy and lazy pictures there... now you make me wanna snug up again :)))))

  2. I could help myself and get snuggled with those lovely cats of yours. so cosy and furrrrrrrrrry.


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