Sunday, November 23, 2008

Around the House, Part II

Autumn in north Texas is a funny thing. Some days the winds blow cold and cruel, ripping dried leaves from their tentative hold on tired branches. On others the sun shines gloriously, relentlessly, and one would swear that summer is fast approaching. Naturally, these changeable days play havoc with one's allergies. And one's garden.

The bougainvillea didn't bloom all summer. Not until after our first cold snap did it burst forth with its gorgeous fuschia hue! The hibiscus has issued another tropically tangerine flower as well.

Leaves continue to fall ...

And this little guy, who resides on the front porch, could use a good dusting!

I picked up the little branch that's in the planter while on a neighborhood walk. It's perfectly shaped like a fork!

Yuccas and Sagos and Scarecrows, oh my!

And now I'm sneezing again. Let's move back inside. It's Technicolor teatime.

Is the front of your fridge as messy as mine?

A Huichol Indian beaded mask -- Fierce with color!

And here's something a bit sweeter:

This was a fun yard sale find. Perfect for holding our keys!

The day is turning dreary, but there's plenty of color to cheer me inside. There's also an "I Love Lucy" marathon on the tube -- And so I'm content, just to be home.


  1. colors colors colors! all over! i just love what you have at home jen :) my goodness... i didn't know hibiscus can grow in a temperate country... hibiscus happens to be our national flower. but the tangerine ones are quite rare. looks like it's gonna be a nice cosy sunday for you :) it must be around lunch at your place. we've passed sunday already :) monday morning 4am and i'm still awake! LOL! happy sunday my friend and good night here :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your many colors, they are lovely. I am hearting the rooster and the keyholder, both are fabulous. xxoo

  3. My bougainvillea is doing the exact same thing and I'm in Houston. It REALLY came alive after Ike whipped it around. I've heard that they LOVE to be beaten with a broom and then they will bloom! :)

  4. Ms Jen, I have No clue how to email You. I put up a post for you today on Garden - More important I wanted to share with you this Site that I think may change your world

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    I want to email you, but cant figure out how - I met Susan though from TX who joined me - she is Awesome :)

    Thank U Jen

  5. Jen, I love all your colorful things! My office is the most colorful room in the house, but unfortunately it's usually buried under stacks of papers. I hope to redo the kitchen in some fabulous colors someday when we have the money. I love your tastes in decorating.

  6. Love your technicolor cottage and the neat things outside too, especially the rooster. Yes, that was a great yard sale find. Now that I've rested here at your place awhile, it's time for me to move on into my day. Thanks.

  7. I'm glad I made it here tonight! I need to get myself to bed, so I plan to come back tomorrow to read your post on getting older. I love this one, though! I almost took a picture of my refrigerator for Wordless Wednesday, but didn't. Your magnets are on very neatly. Mine are not!

    Take Care, Sue


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