Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The elusivity of words ...

When I officially began blogging last month, I fully intended to write a bit about something every single day. While my first attempts yielded a fair result, I've discovered this isn't really as easy as I'd expected. In case you didn't notice, I've had a few days where I've just found nothing to say. Not because there's anything wrong -- not even so much that my thoughts are jumbled -- simply that the words don't come forth with enough verve to weave a fabric of ideas worthy of putting into print (let alone that anyone would care to muddle through reading).

At other times, words flow like a river (at least in my head). The post prior to this one was churned out around 2:00 yesterday morning, after I'd tossed and turned with words tumbling through my mind for at least an hour prior to rising and firing up the computer. I'd stirred from a most interesting dream in which I was writing a novel. Oh, it was a very good story too ... Plots quickly formed into paragraphs in my mind, and in my trancelike state I tried to remind myself: "Remember this! Put it on paper ...", but by the time I roused from slumber and rose to type, the details of my story had vanished.

I've enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. In my job I am sometimes tasked with editing another person's work -- rather heady when the request comes from upper management, I must admit. Whereas I once tended to more or less rewrite someone else's work with my own words that I narcissistically deemed more expressive, I've learned instead to closely follow their initial endeavor and offer grammatical suggestions and make clarification only where necessary (thereby avoiding a presumptive appearance -- especially important when editing for the boss!).

I read a good deal for pleasure, and am often amazed at the number of glaring errors I've found that obviously escaped a proofreader's scrutiny. Sometimes I think I would've enjoyed editing as a profession. And sometimes I'm taken down a notch when I've revised someone else's work and discover, cheeks flushing, several conspicuous errors of my own.

Although words often elude me, I will continue to blog with as much regularity as my mind can muster. Blogging is a wonderfully challenging, creative outlet for expressing that which would ordinarily remain introspective. There's something so very liberating about allowing one's thoughts to discharge and to just flow freely ... when they finally do build to that point of a surge.


  1. Great post! I usually have so many thoughts that my posts start out as a few words in a Word document. Then I may come back later and add more or change it until I'm happy with it. That's why what I post is sometimes random. You'll see some posts where I call it "brain dribbles" ... things that just come to the front of my mind and onto the blog. Just keep at it. xxoo

  2. "brain dribbles" -- what a GREAT expression! Must write that down -- since most of my thoughts seem to be vague whisps that float out my ears and into the netherworlds. Sheesh! Jen -- you are a wonderful writer -- witty, erudite and to-the-point. Yes indeed -- you should have been an editor! (except I couldn't face you in those very early Monday morning editorial meetings .... cue the scary music LOL!)

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  3. another wonderful post! what i would give to have the ability to write like this :)

  4. What a great writer you are. You even manage to write about not having anything to write about.

    Well done, indeed!


  5. Will you write my posts? I wish I could put words together the way you do :)

    Blog on...

  6. You definitely have flair girl!! And your choice of pictures is priceless. I love your blog. Keep it up.

  7. Well said. I love your blog incidentally, and will add it to my bloglist today!


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