Friday, November 14, 2008

Paz, amor y musica Latina!

Peace, love and Latin music!

We're going to hear one of my favorite bands, Del Castillo, play this evening at the historic Palace Theater in Grapevine, Texas. Del Castillo is an Austin-based sextet who play the most amazing mix of flamenco-Latin rock imaginable, and never fail to give a soul-stirring performance that has everyone dancing in the aisles! Oh, what fun it's going to be!

Check out a few of their videos here:

And check out me (hee!) with Alex Ruiz (a/k/a "Lobo"), Del Castillo's lead singer.


  1. Hope you have/had fun! What a hunk :)

  2. I tried to listen, but my laptop isn't strong enough without it making jerky motions. What I heard of Perdoname sounded really nice though. Great picture of you and Alex. Thanks for sharing it. xxoo

  3. Sounds like a great night! I love latin music.
    What a cute couple :~) !!

  4. That sounds fun man! Was this Saturday night? Who knew - I too was probably just down the street from you - listening to a Led Zeppelin "tribute" band - LOL! (At Tolbert's Chili Parlor on Main Street) They WERE a blast! But I love flamenco music! I would like to check them out sometime if they are ever in the area again!

  5. We had a WONDERFUL time! I fall more and more in love with these guys each time we see them play! Hey Judi, you WERE right down the street from us! When the concert ended (around 11) we strolled down to the Tap-In Bar & Grill and listened to "Just in Tyme", a classic rock cover band that's pretty darn good! We had such fun there that we ended up staying til closing -- I think we finally got to bed around 2:30 Saturday morning. I'm MUCH too old for such foolishness, but every once in awhile, it must be done. I'll let you know the next time Del Castillo comes to town. They usually play in Dallas, so having them come "all the way" to Grapevine was a real treat.

  6. check YOU out lookin' all cute in that picture! And yes, i think we are one in the same, I laughed out loud at the end of your comment :)

  7. Latin music has so much life to it.

    Beautiful music.

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