Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Feeling Anxious ...

Surely I am not the only one who is anxiously biding time until the revelation of The Man Who Will Be President. I'm trying to stay focused on the (entirely too many) duties that must be accomplished today, but my mind keeps slipping back to thoughts of this election -- attempting to mentally prepare myself for whether the "good guy" or the "bad guy" prevails. I remain guardedly optimistic for the most part, but there's still a feeling of restlessness, tinged slightly with nerves. I've been voting for 28 years now, but I can't recall ever being this tightly wound in anticipation of the outcome.

... Today I observed for the first time since Fall arrived that the leaves are changing color. As I drove along the river on my return to work after lunch, the leaves fluttered softly, showing off a newly-hued glory. Gold and russet, crimson and olive. Here in north central Texas, we don't get a great deal in the way of a leaf show. In fact, Fall tends not to imply so much that the leaves turn Autumnal shades, as they simply "Fall off." The lovely presentation of the trees today made my heart slightly skip a beat, in anticipation and awareness that change is in the air -- in one form or another. And it was indeed a beautiful distraction.

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  1. Forty years ago a man had a dream, yesterday that dream was realized. I cried all night (tears of joy).


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